That About Sums It Up

Me to Alex, as she’s in the middle of a project: Don’t make too much of a mess here.

Pattie: Let me amend that. Don’t make a mess.

Gotta admit, at 11 PM that’s a fairly rational amendment.

I’ve been watching the Saints destroy the Lions for the last hour or two and trying to figure out what to write. Don’t have the energy for much, but I’ve been reading about Penn Alexander, a school that the School District of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania run in West Philadelphia. Like Masterman High School, this is one of those success stories that Philadelphians line up to get their children into. (Literally, in the case of Penn Alexander – the registration line starts the night before signups begin.) The thing that keeps running through my head is, with examples of success stories in front of us, why aren’t we trying to apply those lessons elsewhere? It’s like no one knows how to learn from experience.

Anyway, here are some links I was reading tonight:

West Philly Local

Daily Pennsylvanian

University of Pennsylvania