Now That’s a Collection

I’m trying to straighten up my basement, and I thought I was having problems. Then I read this feature on Rebelscum about the effort to organize Stephen Sansweet’s collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Outside of the Lucasfilm archives, I don’t think anyone has more Star Wars stuff than Sansweet – and he could probably give the archives a run for the money.

I will bet you dollars to donuts that if Earl reads this feature, he’ll explode with envy somewhere around the paragraph with the arcade consoles and pinball machines.

I’m kind of feeling Sansweet’s pain on a much less grandiose level. I am starting to feel like I have more stuff than I have room to display or use. At that point, what’s the point of having more? And since building additional floors or buying my own warehouse facility are not viable options, at some point I’m going to have to start making some choices.

For now, though, I’ll settle for organizing my paperwork.


  1. Comment by Earl Green:

    I actually saw that before I saw this link to it. I don’t think I’d even know what to do with that much stuff. I even turned down a chance to buy an original Atari Star Wars arcade machine in 2005, which left those close to me raising their eyebrows and checking me for fever. I just had no idea where on earth I’d put it.

  2. Comment by Dave Thomer:

    I’ll admit, I would have pegged you for the “We’ll find room for it!” crowd on that one. Don’t you already have one arcade machine?

    Heck, I remember my roommates in college wanted to try and find one. I’m not sure it would have mattered what game, either.

  3. Comment by Earl Green:

    I’ve already got one that I need to find an equally outdated new monitor for. I think that’s part of what dampened my enthusiasm. That and the $1,700 price tag (plus delivery). (A Star Wars upright cabinet in good shape should probably net around $700-800; for $1,700 I’d expect to get one of the nice sit-down models. Now I have no idea where in the world I’d put that.)

    I’ll admit that there are two or three machines that, if I ever found intact specimens of, would merit the “We’ll find room for it!” mission statement. But for now, the one I’ve got is fine. The thought of adding more machines is kinda like…finding room to put several upright refrigerators side-by-side.

  4. Comment by Dave Thomer:

    But think of all the iced tea you could store!

    Sorry. Caffeine withdrawal.

    And yeah, that price tag is a bit steep. Then again, as long as you played the game 6,800 times, you’d still break even!