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Taking the Rest of the Week Off

Posted August 13, 2007 By Dave Thomer

I think it’s time to recharge the ol’ batteries, so I’m gonna spend a week or so ruminatin’ on various topics before I return to the blog here. Have fun and keep cool.

Excellence Defined

Posted August 12, 2007 By Dave Thomer

Went to visit some college friends today, who are terrific people that have a daughter right around Alex’s age with whom she gets along with famously. On top of all this, when they moved down to the Philly area they bought an HDTV. So we had that on showing various sporting events in the background […]

All About the Music

Posted August 11, 2007 By Dave Thomer

Yesterday was probably the best experience of live music I’ve had, one of those everything-comes-together situations that just makes me feel incredibly lucky to be living the life I’m living. I’m gonna try and get some of those moments onto the record and point you to some spots on the Internet where you can catch […]

And Number 1200 on the Countdown . . .

Posted August 10, 2007 By Dave Thomer

At this very moment, I am listening to the last song on my iPod’s random playlist of my entire library. I have an even 1200 songs on the Pod, and I need to put a few dozen more on. But I couldn’t plug the iPod in to resync it without resetting the Shuffle Song list, […]

A Legacy Honored

Posted August 9, 2007 By Dave Thomer

You know, some days it’s good to realize you can still be amazed. The space shuttle endeavor is currently in space for STS-118, an assembly mission to the International Space Station. One of the mission specialists is Barbara Morgan, a former elementary school teacher who has been a full time astronaut since 1998. Morgan was […]

I See, I See, Said the Blind Man

Posted August 8, 2007 By Dave Thomer

As he picked up his hammer and saw . . . (No, I do not get tired of that joke. Yes, I know it’s not particularly funny.) Had an eye exam today. Got off to a good start when the doctor took a look at my glasses and said “I had forgotten how nearsighted you […]

Matters of Perspective

Posted August 7, 2007 By Dave Thomer

Interesting feature on about Atlanta’s history as a center of the civil rights movement, and how that history motivates the way many people in Atlanta view the Michael Vick case. There are certain parallels between the situation and the 2003 mayoral election here in Philadelphia. When a bug was discovered in the mayor’s office, […]

An Ongoing Argument with My Spellchecker

Posted August 6, 2007 By Dave Thomer

Can someone tell me when dialog became a preferred form to dialogue? This has been driving me nuts for a while. It’s always the little things that send you to the nuthouse.

How’d I Find the Lost Tales?

Posted August 5, 2007 By Dave Thomer

Full review of the new direct-to-DVD Babylon 5 work over at theLogBook. Short answer: one story was decent with some fun dialogue. One was dreadful.

Musical Mood Check

Posted August 4, 2007 By Dave Thomer

I’ve been trying to put together some more iTunes playlists lately, even though I love just taking my whole library and sticking it on shuffle. It’s the closest thing to WDAVE I’m likely to get. But sometimes it ain’t a bad idea to have a defined playlist to fit a particular mood. Here’s my latest […]