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Start the Clock

Posted June 30, 2007 By Dave Thomer

We went to an unfinished furniture store today and ordered a new oak TV stand for our living room. Pattie will stain this to match the other furniture, in between dancing jigs about the demise of our existing entertainment center, which she has wanted to obliterate for the last four years. The trick now is […]

Serious Municipal Matters

Posted June 29, 2007 By Dave Thomer

I am probably in a minority, but I absolutely love the fact that Philadelphia mayor John Street camped out in line to get an iPhone today. As we all learned during the wiretap scandal four years ago, the man lives on his BlackBerry, and I think it’s great that he’s demonstrating that he can use […]

The Jinx Is Out

Posted June 28, 2007 By Dave Thomer

It took 10 innings, I got rained on, and I watched the last inning from the concourse, but: The Losing Streak is over! After more than fifteen years and at least a dozen games, I have seen the Phillies end a baseball game triumphant. I’m thinkin’ world peace is right around the corner. Now if […]

It’s Not My Night

Posted June 27, 2007 By Dave Thomer

I was working on a post and then I accidentally hit the close-browser button. I’m taking that as a sign I need to try again when I’m more coherent. In the meantime, I present you with this link, so that you can make your own Star Wars Hammerhead sock doll. We are all about the […]

Indulge Me for a Moment

Posted June 26, 2007 By Dave Thomer

The Archdiocese of Philadelphia has gotten permission to offer a “plenary indulgence” to Philadelphia-area Catholics who visit shrines or do other faith-affirming things. I admit, I went to a Catholic parish grade school in Philly, I went to a Catholic prep school in Philly, and then I went to a Jesuit university in New York, […]

A No-Brainer That Really Happened

Posted June 25, 2007 By Dave Thomer

Some of the best Justice League stories I’ve ever seen were written by Dwayne McDuffie. Problem for DC was, he was writing them for Justice League Unlimited, the much-missed animated series. It’s taken them about a year or two longer than I would have liked, but they’ve decided to hand McDuffie the reins of Justice […]

I Hope This Is a Good Idea

Posted June 24, 2007 By Dave Thomer

One aspect of the whole wedding get together proceedings is that you have the chance to discuss how We’re Getting Old with your friends. As part of that discussion last night, I mentioned they were making a new Indiana Jones movie, which caused several of my friends to stare at me in disbelief. So I […]

Weddings and Wordings

Posted June 23, 2007 By Dave Thomer

We attended the wedding of our friends Mike and Suzanne tonight, and had a great time. Congratulations and best wishes to both of them. At the reception we got a reminder of how careful it pays to be with the language. You may be familiar with the wedding-DJ game of having people at a table […]

A Better Week for Obama

Posted June 22, 2007 By Dave Thomer

Barack Obama is definitely finishing a better week than the one he had last week, when a research memo criticizing Hillary Clinton managed to be personally insulting to both Clinton and many Indian-Americans. His speech at the Take Back America conference was well-received, and yesterday and today he’s been emphasizing good-government issues such as public […]

This Pair ‘o Docs Gives Me a Headache

Posted June 22, 2007 By Dave Thomer

Having just watched the series finale of Stargate SG-1 a few hours ago, I have a request for science fiction show writers: please do not write any more finales that involve the use of time travel. The paradoxes and inconsistencies you inevitable create make my head hurt and distract from the warm fuzzy feelings I […]