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In My Mind And In My Car

Posted April 30, 2007 By Pattie Gillett

Video may have killed the radio star but the iPod has helped me re-discover NPR. I know, it seems strange that a device that to some is nothing short of Doom for both terrestrial and satellite radio could actually turn someone on to the often dry, yet reliable and competent smarminess that is National Public […]

Hey, E-Mail, Get Offa My Cloud

Posted April 30, 2007 By Dave Thomer

So Wired magazine lets you subscribe dirt cheap – a dollar an issue – and Pattie and I both agree that it’s a great deal. There are many thought-provoking stories that I’m sure will provide much blog fodder in days to come. But there’s a trend in the reporting that makes me wonder if I’m […]

They Can’t Take Away . . . Our Chocolate

Posted April 29, 2007 By Dave Thomer

Now here’s disturbing news, and so soon after our trip to Hershey. The Chocolate Manufacturers Association apparently has a petition before the FDA to redefine chocolate – and the new definition wouldn’t require any of those pesky coca butters or cocoa solids. Can’t wait to see the revised factory tour that discusses those delicious hydrogenated […]

Well, He’s a Son of A Something…

Posted April 29, 2007 By Pattie Gillett

People have been lining up to weigh in on George Tenet’s new book, At the Center of the Storm, about the lead up to the Iraq war. Most predictably among them, his former bosses, who were shocked, just shocked at some of the allegations he made. So shocked that they spent most of Sunday making […]

Musings About Moms on the Campaign Trail

Posted April 29, 2007 By Pattie Gillett

I was over at the Obama campaign site last night checking of the new Women for Obama initative launched earlier this month with a series of kickoff speeches from Michelle Obama. The first thing you notice about Michelle is that she’s a terrific speaker. Very witty, very engaging, very concise. The second thing you notice […]

Jon Stewart on Bill Moyers

Posted April 28, 2007 By Dave Thomer

Pattie and I watched Jon Stewart’s appearance on Bill Moyers’ Journal today. It was a very impressive half hour conversation, and if you missed it you should go over to the PBS site and watch the clip or read the transcript. (Heck, you can also see a Moyers/Stewart conversation from 2003.) I admit I was […]

A Stray Thought

Posted April 27, 2007 By Dave Thomer

I’ve been grading papers this week, so you’ll see more of me next week when my brain no longer resembles tapioca pudding. But reading the papers almost makes me think that the Imus story was created by some god of paper-writing examples, given the number of my students that brought it up. Unfortunately, if there […]

For the Political and Sci Fi Geek

Posted April 26, 2007 By Dave Thomer

I’m not sure if I’m linking to this post at The Next Mayor blog more because there are new polling numbers, or because of the Highlander references. Looks like Nutter is moving up. If that gets confirmed, it could throw a monkeywrench into my tactical voting calculations. Gonna be an interesting two weeks or so.

KNEEL Before Your CD Player

Posted April 26, 2007 By Pattie Gillett

OK, here’s one of those stories that you just knew Dave and I couldn’t let pass by. A Chicago producer who made a fortune selling CD compilations from radio’s Golden Age has decided to take on the highest of high profile subjects for his next collection: The Bible. As reported in London’s Guardian a few […]

And Though They Did Hurt Me So Bad…

Posted April 26, 2007 By Pattie Gillett

I know that I’ve already posted tonight but I fear that this story has been swallowed up by the news cycle and that’s a shame. For anyone out there who missed Kevin Tillman’s absolutely inspiring testimony about the government’s treatment of his brother Pat‘s death, here it is again. That the Tillman family had to […]