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Just Pining for the Fjords

Posted March 26, 2006 By Dave Thomer

I know content has slowed to a trickle lately. Heck, a trickle might be optimistic. I’m in the middle of a number of things that will hopefully provide much fodder for discussion soon enough, not the least of which is the defense of my dissertation coming up in less than two weeks. So we’re not […]

Campaigns and Bad Timing

Posted March 13, 2006 By Dave Thomer

Man, spring break disappeared in a blink. Let me see if I can get back into the groove. One news item that caught my eye in the last couple of weeks concerns Pennsylvania’s Lt. Governor race. In PA, there are separate primaries for Governor and Lt. Governor, and then the primary winners run together as […]

I Love the Smell of Silicon in the Morning

Posted March 3, 2006 By Dave Thomer

I’m in the process of breaking in a new Dell PC, which is actually going rather smoothly now that I figured out which of the video ports on the back I was actually supposed to plug the monitor into. Next up is wiping my old Dell clean, installing Windows XP on it, and giving it […]