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Uummm…Olympic Medal…

Posted November 30, 2005 By Pattie Gillett

The medal design for the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic games has been unveiled and they’re looking very…Homer Simpson-friendly. There is a reason for the design, it seems. Something about an open piazza or town square. Center of Italian village life, etc. O-kay. You know how seriously Italians take design so I guess we should have […]

Thinking About Food

Posted November 30, 2005 By Dave Thomer

Nice discussion of philosophers and cookbooks over at Ethical Werewolf. I’ve chimed in on the comments there. It’s worth a look. Yes I mentioned Alton Brown. And Dewey. Try to contain your surprise.

So Long As We Get the Words Right…

Posted November 29, 2005 By Pattie Gillett

Thousands of dead soldiers and Iraqi civilians, billions of dollars in war debt, no clear exit strategy and no clear indication that we have done anything but further destabilize the region…but let’s quibble over words, shall we?

Forget Black Friday, I’m All About Cyber Monday

Posted November 28, 2005 By Pattie Gillett

“Cyber Monday” It has a name. That is so awesome. Of course we all know that employees surf the net when they are supposed to be working. They blog, they game, they IM, and they shop. In fact, they – or should I say, we – shop so much and with such brazen disregard for […]

Feeding the World?

Posted November 27, 2005 By Dave Thomer

Back in high school the overall conservativeness of a suburban Catholic college prep school was occasionally broken up in interesting ways. One of them was my junior year course in Social Justice, taught by Ms. Lenie Schaareman, who was also the moderator of the World Affairs Club. She was someone firm in her convictions, willing […] – Always Thinking

Posted November 26, 2005 By Dave Thomer

One of the little things I enjoy about the new world of online shopping is the whole idea of targeted recommendations. I remember back in college checking out a service called Firefly that was supposed to be able to provide music and movie recs based on a profile of ratings you created. Never really got […]

Holiday Dissonance

Posted November 25, 2005 By Dave Thomer

So somewhere before dawn on Thursday I was roasting a turkey breast for dinner later that day. While I was waiting for the bird to be done I was reading Daily Kos, where a bit of a shouting match developed between a few commenters and diarists over the use of the term ‚Äútrail of tears‚Ä? […]

Salute to the Line Waiters

Posted November 22, 2005 By Dave Thomer

Went to Target tonight looking for an extra table for the big Thanksgiving gathering. The temperature was somewhere in the 40s at around 8 PM, with a steady cold drizzle coming down. As we approached the store we realized that in front of the shopping carts outside the entrance, there was a line of people […]

War Opposition from Addams to Murtha

Posted November 20, 2005 By Dave Thomer

The political news this weekend is probably the firestorm around Democratic Congressman Jack Murtha of Pennsylvania calling for a redeployment of the troops in Iraq. Murtha may be from my home state, but he‚Äôs from the western side of the commonwealth, so I have only been vaguely aware of him up to now. Kagro X […]

So Long, and Thanks for All the Inq

Posted November 19, 2005 By Dave Thomer

I’ve been generally aware that Knight-Ridder, the company that owns the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News, has been cutting budgets and trying to squeeze more profit out of the papers. I’ve also been aware that some pretty heavy staff cuts are hitting both papers. But it wasn’t until I saw Daniel Rubin’s latest post at […]