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Reviewing an Old Curse

Posted June 1, 2004 By Dave Thomer

Once upon a time, I wrote a humor column for my college newspaper. I eventually appropriated the title of that column for this very site. As my sister graduated from high school this month, I got to thinking about one column I wrote back in March 1995. I thought I’d share it on today’s Not […]

Weddings, Parties, Anything, Anyone

Posted June 1, 2004 By Earl Green

VH1 has recently been running a behind-the-scenes special on the making of Fleetwood Mac’s eagerly anticipated 2003 studio album, Say You Will. The album itself was generally well received, though that’s not much of a surprise given the veteran rock group’s enormous fan base. Many of those fans were overjoyed to see the reunion of […]

Knowing Things

Posted June 1, 2004 By Dave Thomer

One of the blessings, and curses, of the Net is the access it gives to information. Properly harnessed, it’s a great research tool, as many traditional sources of information are easily accessible while millions of everyday people record their own contributions to humanity’s collective knowledge. (Indeed, David Brin has argued in The Transparent Society that […]