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Thinking About Learning

Posted April 1, 2004 By Dave Thomer

Education was a paramount concern for John Dewey during his career, as can be seen from some of his book titles: The Child and the Curriculum, The School and Society, Democracy and Education, and Experience and Education all concerned themselves chiefly with the topic. At the University of Chicago, he taught not only in the […]

Not the Brightest Bulb

Posted April 1, 2004 By Dave Thomer

If you, for some reason, have found yourself wondering about the state of my gardening skills, let me try and sum it up for you: I am such a rotten gardener that the plants I try and kill end up thriving. A little stage setting is perhaps in order. When we moved into this house […]

Opening the Barn Door

Posted April 1, 2004 By Earl Green

It’s easy for city folk like us to laugh heartily at the antics resulting from taking a couple of millionaire heiresses and dropping them into the middle of a farm community. I have to admit, I passed up my opportunity to watch The Simple Life on Fox, but it had more to do with my […]

The Law on Terror

Posted April 1, 2004 By Dave Thomer

One of the themes you often hear from the Bush Administration and its supporters regarding their homeland security policies is a criticism of those who would emphasize the role of law enforcement in fighting terrorism. For example, Vice President Dick Cheney said in a March speech: Senator [John] Kerry has questioned whether the war on […]