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Off in My Own Little World

Posted February 1, 2004 By Dave Thomer

One of the things I remember hearing – and thinking – as the Internet, DVDs, and other new technology came to the fore in the Nineties was that all of these new gadgets would help spread the word on new artists; stuff that previously would have flown under the radar would get an all-new visibility. […]

Love Conquers: San Francisco and Marriage

Posted February 1, 2004 By Dave Thomer

Just when I thought that this election year was guaranteed to make me bitter and cynical beyond belief, I have a new hero: San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom. Newsom recently concluded that California’s laws prohibiting marriages between two people of the same sex violate the state constitution’s protections of equal rights for all citizens. Furthermore, […]

Be Reasonable – Part 3

Posted February 1, 2004 By Dave Thomer

“We’ll wrap this whole conversation up next time with some further discussion of inductive logic and the fallacies sometimes associated with it, and exactly how we should treat these rules of logic.? OK, I have no idea what I was smoking when I wrote that last time. I could probably stretch the topics in that […]