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That Dream Within a Dream

Posted October 1, 2003 By Pattie Gillett

A few weeks ago, Dave and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. Fourth. Not fifth or tenth. Fourth. I’m not even sure what one receives for a fourth wedding anniversary. Wood? Tupperware? Nevertheless, most people I mentioned it to were politely unimpressed. Some even went so far as to ask if we have started planning […]

Measure for Measure

Posted October 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

California’s recall circus – this round of it at least – is coming to a close. I have no idea how the next few days will play out, but that matters less to me than what the overall process has revealed – namely, the entire process is severely screwed up. Not just the recall, but […]

Rounding into Forms

Posted October 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

Even though I tend to disagree with just about every major point in it, Plato’s Republic holds a warm spot in my heart. For one, it’s a well-thought-out and ambitious attempt to bring metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy and other topics together into one comprehensive treatment. This is no easy task, as I’ve discovered while […]

Can Satire Save Our Souls?

Posted October 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

Rather than try and be funny in this particular essay, I decided to try and turn my keen analytical mind to a certain type of humor, namely the kind that helps restore my sanity when my keen analytical mind can no longer cope with trying to make sense of this mixed-up world. Satire can be […]