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Game Over. Start Again? – Part 1

Posted June 1, 2003 By Earl Green

It began with two squares and one straight line. An entire industry grew from those inauspicious beginnings which would eclipse the music and movie industries in revenue and define whole generations. Video games are nothing new – in fact, they’re probably older than you think. And most of the controversy surrounding marketing the games is […]

Contents: One House – Some Assembly Required

Posted June 1, 2003 By Pattie Gillett

Many of my single friends complain about the constant nagging they get from their friends and family to “find someone” and “settle down”. While I don’t doubt that that such nagging can get rather irksome after a while, I challenge any of these bachelors and bachelorettes to put up with the constant pressure Dave and […]

Virtual Estate? Not Quite Yet

Posted June 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

When we first learned that we were going to have a baby, we thought about renting a house. Eventually we came to our senses and realized that moving plus becoming parents was one more life-altering even than we were equipped to handle and decided to stick out the apartment one more year. This had another […]