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A Wish List for Bankruptcy Reform

Posted April 1, 2003 By Pattie Gillett

One of my first forays onto the Not News soapbox was a look at the culture of debt in this country. In that piece, I briefly mentioned the movement (or lack thereof) of bankruptcy legislation in Washington. In the past three years, many Americans have ridden a roller coaster of financial disasters including corporate scandals, […]

Democracy: Start at the Beginning

Posted April 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

Continuing our discussion of the theoretical questions a democratic reformer in the Deweyan tradition would need to answer: A properly-functioning reform organization is itself a community within the larger society; its members should feel a bond with each other and be aware of the effect their actions have on the group as a whole and […]

Who’s Your Daddy?

Posted April 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

I’m typing this right now with a napping toddler in my lap, so if mid-sentence I start waving my foot around to knock out the pins and needles, I hope you’ll understand. That’s just one of the little adjustments you have to make when you become a parent, I suppose. It’s been a year since […]

The Art of the Spam Haiku

Posted April 1, 2003 By Earl Green

There is a God. I don’t just say that because I’ve had some spirital awakening, but rather because one of the country’s biggest spammers is now facing criminal charges. On May 14th, Howard Carmack, a.k.a. the “Buffalo Spammer,” was arraigned on charges of stealing two New York residents’ identities to open fraudulent e-mail accounts for […]