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Permission to Speak Franklin

Posted March 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

The image of Benjamin Franklin looms large over Philadelphia – residents and visitors to the city can drive on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to visit the Franklin Institute, perhaps after driving across the Benjamin Franklin Bridge from New Jersey. A half hour from Center City sits Franklin Mills Mall, which uses a number of Franklin […]

Watching and Warning

Posted March 1, 2003 By Earl Green

Dear Tom Ridge, I hear you’re talking about adding another “alert level” to our national terror alert system, something between orange and red. Burnt sienna, maybe. Or ochre. Maybe fuschia. Well, Mr. Ridge, let me tell you, your system is never really going to have the visceral, “call-to-action” effect on me that you’d like. Not […]

Swimming Up Mainstream

Posted March 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

A few weeks ago I was channel surfing and came across a showing of Braveheart. This is not all that surprising; the movie’s been on cable for a while now. What was more than a little surprising was that the movie was playing on the Sci Fi Channel. Now, I’ve heard that Braveheart plays fast […]

Icons and Ignorance

Posted March 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

So, have you heard about Wonder Woman’s haircut yet? If you haven’t, here’s the story in a nutshell: In the current storyline by writer Walt Simonson and artist Jerry Ordway, Wonder Woman’s suffering from amnesia, but that’s not stopping any number of dangerous folks from trying to kill her. WW’s held off her attackers thus […]