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Finding the Spark

Posted February 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

I don’t think I fully realized it until last week, but I lost a little bit of enthusiasm for comics over the past year. There was plenty of good work coming out, stuff I enjoyed reading and that I’m happy to have in my collection and on my bookshelf. But there was a spark missing […]

We Shall Call It – The Alan Parsons Project

Posted February 1, 2003 By Earl Green

Originally intended to be the name of a single album and not an ongoing band, the Alan Parsons Project was a bold concession to early 70s art-rock and progressive rock, fusing the expansive (and often lengthy) compositions of such acts as Yes with the conceptual cohesion of Pink Floyd and Emerson Lake & Palmer. And […]

It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas

Posted February 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

Bit of a grab bag of topics this time out, but it’s a thematically connected grab bag. Inspired by President Bush’s call in his State of the Union Address for over a billion dollars in funding for research on hydrogen-powered cars, I’ve spent some time trolling the web looking for insights and information on fuel […]

A Helpful Tension

Posted February 1, 2003 By Dave Thomer

Continuing our discussion of the theoretical questions a democratic reformer in the Deweyan tradition would need to answer: While reformers will find it a challenge to construct a sound logical case for their program, they may well deem it the least of their problems once they face the task of persuading a skeptical public. A […]