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Get Your Fill, But Get It Good

Posted November 2, 2002 By Pattie Gillett

Taking your infant to the doctor can be a nerve-wracking experience. Not only do you have to sit there and not throttle the person sticking sharp metal objects into your helpless child, there’s generally something the doctor finds that you – yes, YOU – could be doing better. This visit, it was feeding. Apparently, Alex […]

Why I Watch Them Play the Games

Posted November 2, 2002 By Dave Thomer

I’m starting this essay while waiting for the start of a Monday Night Football game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the San Francisco 49ers. Since the Eagles’ franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb broke his ankle last week, there’s a very good chance that the Eagles will lose and I will be a sullen, morose individual by […]

It’s Not Just Sausages

Posted November 2, 2002 By Pattie Gillett

For those of you who haven’t read Eric Schlosser’s book Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the American Meal, forgive me for giving away some of the mystery – fast food is bad for you. It contains lots of fat, salt, calories, cholesterol, and other things that can, over time, be hard on your […]

Peirce Strings

Posted November 1, 2002 By Dave Thomer

While John Dewey is considered one of the classical pragmatists, ‘pragmatism’ is not a word he often used to describe his way of thinking. Rather, the term was popularized in the early 1900s by Harvard philosopher William James, who credited the term to an old friend of his named Charles Sanders Peirce. For a number […]