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History in the Making, Take Two

Posted October 1, 2001 By Dave Thomer

This article is something of a change of pace; it’s an essay I wrote in 1997 to mark the re-release of the Star Wars trilogy. We’re running it here for a few reasons. The DVD version of The Phantom Menace comes out in about a week, and you’ll be hearing a lot from Kevin, Pattie […]

Crime Pays (At Least a Little)

Posted October 1, 2001 By Kevin Ott

OK, so you’ve heard the one about the guy who gets called for jury duty a week before his vacation and has to put off all the classes he’s teaching. At least, I hope you have. If not, you seriously need to go back and read it. Dave wrote it last month. Or maybe the […]

What Art Art?

Posted October 1, 2001 By Dave Thomer

One of the things that drew me to philosophy was the discipline’s attempt to answer questions that seemed impossible to answer conclusively. I hope the last few articles, which have surveyed some (but by no means all) of the most significant authors in Western philosophy, have shown how this can be a satisfying and useful […]

Who Benefits?

Posted October 1, 2001 By Pattie Gillett

Anyone who paid any attention to the rise and fall of the stock market over the last ten years knows that the “new economy” in and of itself, is not reason enough to do anything – lest you end up a major shareholder in However the competitive environment that came out of that period […]