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The Solo Musician’s Guide to Playing with Oneself

Posted July 1, 2001 By Earl Green

Technology is an amazing thing. These days, all you need is a computer a few select software packages to make yourself sound like a professional musician. Often enough, these music-building applications are really built on samples and riffs played by actual professional musicians, and while it’s fun to muck about with that sort of thing, […]

Can’t Get There From Here

Posted July 1, 2001 By Dave Thomer

Thirty-two years ago, on July 20, 1969, human beings set foot on the moon for the first time. Today, we couldn’t go back if we wanted to. More than anything else, that sums up the current state of spaceflight research in the United States. The US stopped building the Saturn rockets that sent the Apollo […]

Let the Light In

Posted July 1, 2001 By Dave Thomer

Have you read Not News’ privacy policy yet? I hope you have, because a) Pattie put a lot of work into it and b) I want you to understand that I take respecting people’s rights, including privacy rights, seriously. That said, there seems to me to be a good chance that we’ve been tackling this […]

Young Guns for Great Comics

Posted July 1, 2001 By Dave Thomer

If Larry Young’s only contribution to comics were the Astronauts in Trouble series, he’d be a darned important figure in American comics. Not only does this SF series combine great fun and action with nifty characterization, Young’s decision to publish AiT in the form of original graphic novels (OGNs) rather than single-issue mini-series is a […]