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Putting Descartes Before the Horse

Posted February 1, 2001 By Dave Thomer

So Rene Descartes walks into a bar. Some guy walks up to him, says, “Hey, aren’t you one of those skeptics we keep hearing about on the news?” Rene, indignant, replies, “I think not!” — and promptly disappears in a puff of logic. All right, you now understand why so-called philosophical humor only appeals to […]

Burials and Understandings

Posted February 1, 2001 By Kevin Ott

Death is a strange bird. No matter what you do, no matter how you prepare, no matter how well you think you’ve dealt with the immutability of the eventual demise of someone you love, you’re always surprised when it happens. You’ve watched the jocular weatherman’s five-day forecast, you see the clouds coming, and you wear […]

The Adventures of Consultant Woman

Posted February 1, 2001 By Pattie Gillett

A few weeks ago, I was taking the GMAT (the business school entrance exams for those who may not know) and I got to thinking. Actually, It may not have actually been thinking, per se, it may have just been that while I was strip mining my brain in search of 11th grade trigonometry, I […]

Is the Messenger Killing Us?

Posted February 1, 2001 By Dave Thomer

In Florida, a thirteen-year-old boy was convicted of murder in the beating death of a young child. The child’s lawyer had attempted to claim that the child was merely attempting to imitate actions he had seen on televised professional wrestling — the defense was rejected. Meanwhile, former Democratic vice-presidential candidate and current Connecticut Senator Joseph […]