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Rise of The Red Star – Part 4

Posted December 1, 2000 By Dave Thomer

Continued from Part 3 DT: From the story so far and hints from other interviews and message boards, it seems you’re setting up the Antares family to challenge some of the institutions and traditions that have led the URRS to its current state. Is that something you think our own society needs to do? If […]

Rise of The Red Star – Part 3

Posted December 1, 2000 By Dave Thomer

Continued from Part 2 DT: You’re telling a story about very noble people who are saddled with leaders who are obviously not worthy of them. What is it about the people of the URRS (and by allegory, the former USSR) that you think accounts for this? CG: As Maya says in issue 3, “All the […]

Rise of The Red Star – Part 2

Posted December 1, 2000 By Dave Thomer

Continued from Part 1 DT: What impact does the use of the CGI have on your storytelling style — what does it let you do that you don’t think you’d be able to do otherwise? BK: The CG allows for a bolder and richer environment that our characters can interact in. While drawing these same […]

Thinking Outside the Box

Posted December 1, 2000 By Pattie Gillett

I like to believe in the old notion that there is strength in numbers. It usually makes sense and it’s quite romantic: many people working together can do so much more than one person working alone. However, experience has also taught me the wonders of the so-called “mob” mentality: just because you have many people […]

In Defense of Radiohead

Posted December 1, 2000 By Tom Mallon

Reading the initial reviews of Radiohead’s Kid A, you would have thought that Jesus Christ himself had risen from the dead, listened to a whole lot of Aphex Twin and delivered unto the world a masterpiece the likes of which it had never seen. Four-star reviews leapt from every music magazine; large, positive adjectives were […]

Up for the Count

Posted December 1, 2000 By Kevin Ott

Some heroes don’t wear uniforms. Sometimes, staying up late is all it takes. After more than a month of nationwide confusion over the 2000 presidential election, it’s easy to just want the whole thing to be over with. Just write off Florida as a bad mistake. Elect someone already, and enough about the damn chads. […]

Rise of The Red Star

Posted December 1, 2000 By Dave Thomer

Huge airborne ships carrying weapons of mass destruction. Sorceresses wielding phenomenal magical power. Soldiers fighting an impossible battle against a desperate enemy and a supernatural force. And a heavy dose of historical allegory to the rise and fall of the Soviet Union and the current state of the Russian people. Not what you might expect […]